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Horse riding in tranquility

Horse riding is a sport which grabs more and more passionnates each year : it is more and more covered thanks to high level competitions, and it appeals thanks to its multipurpose and the magic relationship it enables to create with the horse, as a wonderul companion. But you cannot become an expert horse rider from a day to another : discover our advice to ride in the most peaceful way.

Horse rider blog

As horse riding lovers, we wanted to create this blog to share our passion with you : find all the latest equestrian news, some good deals to buy the cheapest riding equipment, vet advice and video tutorials to work with your horse.

Horse equipment

Horse riding calls for many specific equipment, for the rider and for the horse as well. You have to choose some quality equipment, in order to make the ride comfortable for you and your horse. Do not hesitate to invest money into a quality saddle : it can be made of real or synthetic leather, but anyway it has to suits your horse's morphology perfectly to not wound him at work.donot hesitate to call upon a saddlefitter, to benefit from professional advice to choose the best saddle. For you, choose a pair of quality trousers, reinforced on the knees to avoid the frictions. Do not be afraid of investing money on a good pair of gloves, to protect your hands from blisters.

Riding tips

Horse riding is a wonderful sport, but is also is very difficult : it calls for many rigor and precision, and above all a serious and professional teaching. But it is not always easy to improve yourself when you ride on your own at home. That is why we put at your disposal an online forum, which boasts of gathering the biggest horse riders community of the web : you will have the possibility to chat with millions of other horse riding enthusiasts, benefit from the experience and the advice from some expert riders, and share your own horse rider tips and tricks.