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Whatever your favorite material and color, you finally have the opportunity to find the new mixed riding saddle or used mixed riding saddle you need. Do not wait to make a great deal and take a look for your pocket now.

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Whether you enjoy horseback riding, jumping or dressage, your mixed riding saddle offers you great comfort, and they are available online and on the best references store. You have to check the catalog, and you will find hundreds of references of saddles. The accessories presented are revised, they can be products of tests or products in deposit sale. In order to always satisfy their users, they had to work in close collaboration with the expert to make the saddles fitting, that is recommended in the website. And now that the sellers made some innovation in the conception of those saddles, they have equipped the new saddles with the best technologies. The best brands are details on with their little guard line to choose the best saddles.

The Equitack platform of equipment horses

If you have not found your happiness with your local dealers, we offer to help you in the search for the "ideal" saddle. You will find in this website a set of information from the most general to the most technical. Because the proper functioning of the back of the rider is the condition of beautiful riding, this website offers different kind of saddle for the seat design of our saddles to provide you with more comfort. For the offers of a selection used saddles that already checked, they are accompanied by a short description to help you in your choice. The website puts in your know-how and our skills at your service to offer you a tailor-made saddle, combining tradition and technology to execute all your requirements.

At the same times, you can also sell your old saddles by telling some information of the horse. Bridles, reins, straps, stirrup leathers, reins, halters, polo, and maintenance kit, in fact find the whole collection of brands accessories on the catalog.